Cecil living - Pinocchio furniture

Cecil Living

Design by Zhraa AlShafeei

From sleek seats to overlapping coffe tables, and from a spacious tv unit to an inviting sofa Cecil is the ideal living room for a vibrant and active family. Top notch finishing and impeccable taste combine in a room made for lasting memories.

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Morph living - Pinocchio furniture

Morph Living

Design by Morph Studio

Every detail in this stunning living set spells luxury and comfort. From the laidback arm chair to the sleek TV unit, and from the sleek coffee tables to the luscious sofa, Morph is a living set that will bring a unique touch of elegance to your home.

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Kilim living - Pinocchio furniture

Kilim Living

Design by Nedal Badr

Looking for a light but elegant living room? Minimalistic but with big storage? Kilim living set has it all. This fresh and zesty set boasts cozy sofas, chic tv unit, practical coffee table and several storage options, all done in impeccable taste and faultless style, the perfect choice for young couples.

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Majarrah living - Pinocchio furniture

Majarrah Living

Design by Zhraa AlShafeei

We had young, stylish and practical families in mind while creating this beautiful multi-purpose set. Majarrah living set welcomes your guests with elegant seats and a superior finishing; while providing the perfect family room with its cozy sofa, practical TV unit and witty chessboard side-table. The carefully-balanced green plants add the final touch of freshness and elegance.

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Arabella living - Pinocchio furniture

Arabella Living

Design by Amr Orensa

The cozy modular sofa and sleek TV unit of the Arabella set strike the right balance between elegance and comfort. The numerous storage options combined with a modern coffee table, medieval patterns and subdued color palette add great charm to this versatile living set.

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