Reda Orensa - CoFounder

Reda Orensa

Co-founder & Furniture Designer

“A little piece of wood can do all the talking.”


After eleven years of being an ophthalmologist, Reda’s passion about art was undeniable. He decided to change his career and go into the furniture business, founding Pinocchio in the 1980s. It was definitely a change of pace, but his biggest challenge came when introducing a new line of furniture with authentic Egyptian flare, featuring Nubian, Arabian and ancient Egyptian styles. Following his mantra — that a piece of wood can express itself — he chose the name Pinocchio after the Italian fairy tale of a wooden doll coming to life. His original drawings and sculptures are the inspiration behind his furniture designs, allowing him to make the best use of the wood remains of handcrafting. This is one of the key characteristics of Pinocchio.

Osama Orensa - CoFounder

Osama Orensa

Co-founder & Furniture Designer

“It doesn’t have to be complicated, it has to be innovative.”


Born in 1944, Osama inherited his innovative spirit from his father. The creative craftsman designed and launched Pinocchio’s modern and office furniture lines. In a daring move, Osama introduced materials rarely used in living and bedroom sets, such as fer forgé. Utilizing his talent and knack for inventiveness, he has worked to improve and even create new furniture machinery, which did wonders to increase the company’s productivity and efficiency. As the current general manager, he is leading Pinocchio to new horizons.

Ahmed Orensa - Production Manager

Ahmed Orensa

Furniture Designer & Production Manager

“Every design is a creation that has its own needs.”


It seems that Ahmed knew what he wanted to do with his life as soon as he was born in 1978. Over the years, he has taken steady strides towards building his career, and he has been designing for Pinocchio since 2000. His passion for construction started at an early age and his pragmatic modern designs reflect his years of experience. Sleek curves are the secret behind his masterpiece of a creation, the Brigette entrance unit, one of the bestselling units in our stores. His studies of chemistry at the faculty of science play an important role in enhancing the wood finish techniques in Pinocchio.

Amr Orensa - Design Manager

Amr Orensa

Design Manager

“The magic of a beautiful design is that it works in a mysterious way. It just delights people.”


Born in 1979, Amr started working in his family’s furniture business at a young age, even during his years of studying botany at the faculty of science. His contemporary designs are characterized by unique lines inspired by the seductive richness nature creates in basic forms. His Andalusia dining set is one of his bestselling designs at the store. His passion for photography is apparent in the artistic accents of his designs, and this is what makes his creations stand out.

Maysa Orensa - Furniture designer

Maysa Orensa

Furniture Designer

“What’s a design without spirit?”


Born in 1983 into a family of furniture designers, Maysa’s admiration of ethnic Egyptian designs is reflected in her work. She has been a designer with Pinocchio since 2005, where she joined right after getting her architecture degree from the faculty of fine arts. Her most well-known designs are from the Sultan Hassan line, where she fuses ethnicity and modernism.

Marwa Medhat - Furniture designer

Marwa Medhat

Furniture Designer

“Fusion of traditions and modernism.”


With a passion for all things Egyptian Marwa Medhat has been designing for Pinocchio since 2011. Her eye is always on the fusion of traditional local handicrafts and the simplicity of modern designs.

Sara Tavares - Furniture designer

Sara Latino Tavares

Furniture Designer

“There is nothing more gratifying than seeing the eyes of those who appreciate and recognize the value of your design.”


Born in Portugal and MA graduated in Product Design, Sara Latino Tavares joined Pinocchio’s team in 2017 where she had the opportunity to explore the richness of the Egyptian traditional industry. Passionate about design and arts in general, Sara is an enthusiastic learner motivated by new challenges, which represent a good stimulus to her creative work.

Zhraa AlShafeei - Furniture designer

Zhraa Alshafeei

Furniture Designer

“Design changes human behavior.”


Adventures and travelling, being constantly inspired by new things and new people explain who she really is. She loves design in all fields, and she never stops searching for new styles and new forms of self-expression in order to improve her skills. What sets Zhraa apart in design is using her own language instead of the regular base.

Nedal Badr - Interior Architect

Nedal Badr

Interior Architect

“A mininal design is the reflection of sophisticated and rich culture.”


After living in 6 different countries, and being exposed to multiple and diverse cultures, Nedal Badr is a renowned name in the local design community. With his ability to incept new ideas, his passion for design has paved the way for more growth and innovation within the industry. Nedal’s background lies in architecture, interior design, product design and Arabic calligraphy and applies his immersive knowledge in his own studio, Design Zone. In addition, Nedal is a proud participant in multiple product design events, winning the Silver Award and the Gold Award in Design + Industry 2012 & 2014. Nedal also experienced Milan il saloni 2013 with SFG and participated in Salon Satellite 2014 and Paris Design Week 2019.

Nadeen Khairy - Furniture designer

Nadeen Khairy

Furniture Designer

“The essence of design is stripping art of anything that’s not essential.”


Born in 1995, Nadeen was raised into a family of engineers and designers, and she studied interior and furniture design. For her, designing is very complicated, it takes her to another world where she explores herself every time she designs something new. She also has a passion for photography which affects her vision and appreciation of the aesthetics around her.

Nisreen Ezz ElDeen - Furniture designer

Nisreen Ezz ElDeen

Furniture Designer

“At the heart of design is a realization that everything is connected.”


Nisreen has always been passionate about nature; and so to her the design process should be an attempt to bring humans back to nature and allow them to interact with it in a way that motivates them to work, move, breathe and relax without distractions.

Hazem ElShatlawy - Furniture designer

Hazem ElShatlawy

Furniture Designer

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”


Hazem was born in 1990, studied design and production engineering at the German University in Cairo. He has been passionate about design since childhood and believes that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and this is the philosophy behind his designs.

Nariman Lotfi - Furniture designer

Nariman G. Lotfy

Furniture Designer

“Designs that tell stories make people happy. Who doesn’t love listening to a good story?”


By being fascinated by nature, Nariman integrates the inspiration found all around us in her designs. After graduating from the faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts from the GUC in 2011 she went on to study Biomimicry (design inspired by nature). Her design approach is to create unique concepts that are organic and simplistic.

Mohamed Salem - Furniture designer

Mohamed Salem

Furniture Designer

“Innovation isn’t an option, it’s a need.”


Believing that innovation is the key for better life, Mohamed works as interior and furniture designer, always trying to improve the quality of living by adding new value to his designs in innovative ways. Mohamed loves trying different colors and new materials, along with fine details and great impact in order to reach a good design.

Nada Talaat - Furniture designer

Nada Talaat

Furniture Designer

“Creating a design is like giving a piece of your soul.”


Nada Talaat has brought along a breath of fresh ideas, motivation and creativity. Graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2011, she quickly proved a talent for simple functional designs that are infused with ethnic originality. She is always searching for new ideas and approaches.