Dublin dining - Pinocchio furniture

Dublin Dining

Design by Zhraa AlShafeei

What’s better than delicious food and happy faces gathered around the perfect dining room? Dublin is a luxurious dining room that delivers the epitome of refined taste alongside superb quality in elegant soft tones.

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Mink dining - Pinocchio furniture

Mink Dining

Design by Zhraa AlShafeei

Treat your guests and your loved ones to an outstanding dining experience in this inviting set. A spacious buffet, elegant chairs, minimal sleek table and a whimsical mirror blend in perfect harmony to provide the perfect setting for special occasions.

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Lazurde dining - Pinocchio furniture

Lazurde Dining

Design by Nadeen Khairy

Elegant, glamorous and cozy, this dining set is your ideal choice to entertain special guests. The luxurious marble tops, bras knobs and sleek banquet are just a few of the top notch finishing details in this exquisite set. A spacious buffet and comfortable chairs make Lazurde the ideal setting for warm gatherings.

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Majarrah dining - Pinocchio furniture

Majarrah Dining

Design by Zhraa AlShafeei

Our exquisite design, high quality materials and superior craftsmanship joined forces to create the perfect dining set for warm gatherings. And what better setting for celebrating special occasions than Majarrah’s sleek modern table, its elegantly comfortable chairs and spacious airy buffet?

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Florence dining - Pinocchio furniture

Florence Dining

Design by Amr Orensa & Marwa Medhat

Luxurious and rich in intricate details, Florence dining set is Pinocchio’s homage to the opulent Art Deco tradition. From the hand-carved table to the elegant sideboard, palm motifs and inviting chairs, this set is designed for chic homes that value elegant finish and top notch quality. It comes in two sizes (with six or eight chairs) to fit your home.

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Andalusia dining - Pinocchio furniture

Andalusia Dining

Design by Amr Orensa

This outstanding dining set is a perfect combination of practical function and beautiful design. Inspired by rich Andalusian heritage, this set boasts ample storage in its colorful buffet and display cabinets, in addition to the comfort of light-weight, heavy duty chairs. It comes in two sizes (with six or eight chairs) to fit your home.

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